Map Testimonials



"This amazing tool [acts] as a springboard to encourage a multitude of theories to be tested, experiments to be conducted and equations to be solved. These are our future explorers and their quest has already begun."

Dana Klopping, Science Teacher
EM Dagget Middle School (Fort Worth, TX)

"Students learn better when they can relate to what they're learning about. It is so hard to imagine what it's like in space - the vastness and trying to imagine what other worlds are like. The map [helps] to get the students physically surrounded by the world they are studying."

Jacqui Flowers, Science Teacher
Auxier Elementary School (Queen Creek, AZ)


"As a rural and lower class area…this map [allows] the kids to dream of what they could do, while we teach them the skills they need to accomplish these missions."

William Fee, Library Development Advisor for IT
State Library of Pennsylvania (Harrisburg, PA)

"NASA plans to visit Mars no earlier than 2030. What does this imply? My 12 year old students will be the scientists taking us there! If we don’t teach them the importance of STEAM, they will not be prepared to be the explorers to take us to Mars."

Connie Thomas, Middle School Teacher
Everest Science Center (Nepal)


"If we expect our students to make space exploration to Mars a reality, what better way to spark [their] imagination than to show them the surface of Mars and let them have fun."

Jeanette Bosch, Math & Science Teacher
Christ the King Catholic School (Wichita, KS)