Mars Map at JPL Pasadena

Posted By: andrea diamond With: STEAM Enrichment Inc. On: 12/12/2017 We took the Mars Map to JPL in Pasadena for a HS Robotics & Coding Teacher professional development workshop. They programmed their rovers to do a series of… Read More

Giant Mars Map in Brazil!!!

Posted By: Marcelo Souza With: Louis Cruls Astronomy Club On: 08/06/2017 We organized on July 14th, 2017 the first activity with the Giant Mars Map in our city, Campos dos Goytacazes, located in Rio de Janeiro State, Brazil…. Read More

We had so much fun we didn’t take photos

Posted By: Donna Collins With: St. John Regional School On: 06/24/2017 This spring our school received the new Mars Map curriculum. The email that told us to expect the new curriculum did not say that we were also… Read More

Exploring environmental characteristics of Mars

Posted By: Meghan With: KVMS On: 05/19/2017 Students were identifying the environmental characteristics of mars in their groups. We did a compare and contrast of Mars to Earth environmental characteristics lesson. The students were then assigned a certain… Read More

Mission to Mars Lesson SUCCESS in New York!

Posted By: Denise Cicione With: Smithtown School District On: 04/28/2017 This week students in my school enjoyed learning about Mars with this amazing Mars Map. I am a middle school science teacher and my curriculum includes 10 weeks… Read More

Students Conduct Tests for Simulated Mars Missions!

Posted By: Brenda Gift With: Challenger Learning Center of Lake Erie West On: 05/02/2017 From the Toledo Blade: If NASA is serious about its mission to land humans on Mars by 2035, it may want to ask a… Read More

“Take Your Child to Work Day” on Mars!!!

Posted By: Ellen Shenk With: Commonwealth of PA – State Library of Pennsylvania On: 05/02/2017 607 South Drive Room 318 Forum Building

Exciting for all ages!

Posted By: Elizabeth Eddings With: Pensacola MESS Hall On: 04/04/2017 Our museum partnered up with Montessori School of Pensacola and Summer Vista Assisted Living for a multigenerational program last week! Some senior residents from the assisted living answered… Read More

Mission to Mars!

Posted By: Kathy A Biernat With: st. marys visitation On: 03/25/2017 On March 22nd, SMV 8th graders led the “Mission to Mars” in the school gym, part of an interactive program featuring SMV’s ShareSpace Mars Map. SMV was… Read More

Mars Map at the School was a success

Posted By: Hernán Mostajo With: Observatório BioAstronômico Cosmos – Itaara/RS/Brasil On: 03/08/2017 The Museum and Observatory BioAstronomic Cosmos de Itaara / RS / Brasil began its activities with the Giant Destination Mars Map in schools. The first school… Read More