Giant Moon Map

Giant Moon Map

The Aldrin Family Foundation and its ShareSpace Education programs strive to cultivate the next generation of space leaders, entrepreneurs and explorers who will extend human habitation beyond the Earth to the Moon and Mars. Aldrin Family Foundation’s STEAM-based educational tools, curriculum and programs span from a child’s first classroom experience through graduate school and professional programs.

In honor of the 50th Anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon landings, the Aldrin Family Foundation is expanding on its groundbreaking Giant Mars Map™ program to launch a new Giant Moon Map™ Program celebrating the past to inspire the explorers of tomorrow.

The Giant Moon Map™ program curriculum is being guided by six standards for design. The lessons and activities ShareSpace are creating will be authentic, accurate, fun and of high interest for students of varying ages. All lessons will require a high-level of communication and collaboration skills, will call upon resources beyond the map, and will be completed at a very high standard. The lessons explore ideas related to modeling the Earth/Moon system, traveling to the Moon, living on the Moon, and the design of settlements for specific purposes on the Moon. Each lesson will reference, and authentically apply, knowledge and skills from the science, technology, engineering, the arts, and mathematics arenas.

As part of the program, ShareSpace is collaborating with Marianne Dyson & Lindsay Cousins on a new book titled “Welcome to the Moon”. The book is for future pioneers and decision makers curious about how and why people may go to the Moon and use its resources to open a new frontier for human civilization. The book describes the history of lunar exploration and discovery with a focus on questions asked and experiments and missions, robotic and human, designed to answer them. The Apollo approach is used as a baseline to compare modern spacecraft and options for returning to the Moon and establishing human stations in the near future.

The ShareSpace Giant Moon Map™ program materials include:

Aldrin Family Foundation has worked with donors to make 50 Giant Moon Map™ packages available for distribution to individual schools, school districts and informal education organizations throughout the country where we believe they can do the most good, especially in under-served communities.


In order to apply, please complete and submit the Giant Moon Map On-line application.

Giant Moon Map™ package applications will be accepted through May 18, 2019 (which is the 50th Anniversary of the launch of Apollo 10). All applications will be reviewed by an independent team of judges with the aim of announcing awardees by Mid-June 2019, with distribution to commence upon confirmation of shipping addresses.