Great Visit!

Posted By: Paul Simpson
With: Dunbar Elementary
On: 11/14/2016

First, I must say that Dunbar Elementary School in Atlanta, Georgia, is greatly appreciative to Linn LeBlanc for allowing us to participate in the Buzz Aldrin ShareSpace Program. We are extremely honored and excited about this fantastic educational opportunity.

Secondly, words are not adequate to express how much we appreciated her magnificent Mars presentation last Friday. The students, teachers, support staff and visitors have unanimously described the Mars experience with one word: AWESOME! Currently, with the ShareSpace Teacher’s Guide provided to the school, we look forward to having many similar Mars educational classes in the future. Again, I thank you for the outstanding job and kindness. It was really a great privilege and pleasure to meet the Executive Director of the Buzz Aldrin ShareSpace Foundation.

We will stay in touch with you!

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