Mission to Mars Lesson SUCCESS in New York!

Posted By: Denise Cicione With: Smithtown School District On: 04/28/2017 This week students in my school enjoyed learning about Mars with this amazing Mars Map. I am a middle school science teacher and my curriculum includes 10 weeks of Astronomy during the spring each year. I cannot thank you enough for selecting me as a Map winner. I love the book of lesson plans and used it to create a custom lesson in collaboration with a colleague, Kristen Dicpinigaitis, who also teaches in my school building. All five of my classes (30 students in each class) and all five of her classes (30 students in each class) enjoyed using the Map during lessons this week in our gym. It was a meaningful and memorable learning experience for all! Our lesson plan and photos are attached. Teachers: feel free to use it with your classes. Sharespace: feel free to include it in your next binder if you’d like. Please thank Buzz Aldrin for his creativity and vision in creating this opportunity for the next generation of future space explorers!

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