Great Time at Challenger Center with Mars Map

Posted By: Eva Fritch With: St. Augustine’s Classical Homeschool Program On: 11/13/2016 FullSizeRender We had a great time working on the Buzz Aldrin map today at the Challenger Center in Lake Erie West, OH. It was fun building the landing modules. It was very interactive and interesting to see how they landed and how the kids experimented and used different equipment to build safe landing modules. It was very neat experience, fun and interactive and we appreciate it. Thank you!

2 Comments on “Great Time at Challenger Center with Mars Map

  1. We have just received our Mars Map on November 11th and we cannot be more excited.
    We cannot wait to start the activities and share ideas in this group. So happy to be a part of this amazing community.
    Kind regards

  2. St. Augustine is my hometown! How awesome to see the Mars Map there. I look forward to engaging our students here with the map and creating safe landing modules like your students did. How fun!

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