The Mars Map Arrived!

Posted By: Donna Collins With: St John Regional School On: 11/13IMG_3102/2016 When the MarsMap first arrived, it was in the middle of my afternoon physical science class. Due to the size of the box and questions from students about what was in the box, I stopped the lesson and let them guess. When we finally opened the box and spread the Map partially out on top of the classroom lab tables, the kids were amazed at the detail and quality of the MarsMap and started asking questions about the different features of Mars that were visible. We currently have reserved the parish activity building next to our school where we hold large group activities for the beginning of December to lay out the MarsMap in full and to complete several of the activities in the lesson plans. To prepare for our trip to Mars, my sixth graders are learning about the history of Earth and how the various land features of Earth formed, they will compare their learning of Earth, to that of Mars and eventually the other planets in the Solar System. The MarsMap is an amazing tool that will be used by so many students in our school not just for planetary features but also to stimulate how and why rovers and other mission probes are built the way that they are. Thank you for including us in the MarsMap family. We will be posting photos before the end of December.

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